The So-Called Remnant is WAY off Course

I am weary of what I see from people calling themselves the “Remnant.”

I see a lot of legalism, e.g. don’t do that, don’t do this, don’t celebrate this or that day, believe this or else you’re not really saved like we are, and on and on.
What I don’t see is much love, humility, or understanding. A recognition that they too, were once deceived, (if indeed they are no longer) and that they can help someone to get where they are. Basically, to love someone else as they love themselves, and to do unto others as they would want others to do unto them.
I see groups of people coming up with alternate takes on end time eschatology, arguing and dividing over it. I see posts on Facebook basically congratulating themselves for finding the truth, and patting each other on the back if they agree with each other. Savaging those that don’t agree, and being very condescending and high minded about it all.
This is not what I came out of the “Church” to find. Not even close to it. I continue to look for fellowship in all the wrong places, apparently. That is OK, because it helps me grow closer to Jesus Christ. Maybe I’m the problem? If so, then I’ll be honest and open about it. The Lord’s will be done. Whatever the case may be, I will not condemn people who are still in the system, don’t have the same eschatological theories that I have, or think myself better than them. My beliefs have evolved, and they are still evolving. I believe theirs will too if they are led properly: patiently, with humility and love.
Take a look at the average argument of the so-called “Remnant” on a social interactive site, such as Facebook. Disagreements lead to name-calling and futility: “I’m right, you’re wrong;” “You’ll see what I see when you’re as Spiritually-gifted as I am;” “You’re argument is with God, not me;” “It says so in the Bible;” etc etc.
Who in the “Church” would want to come out of it to subject themselves to the bickering and division rampant in the group of believers outside of the “Church?!”
Get over yourselves. If you truly have the truth, you didn’t come up with it yourself. It is a gift from God, to give freely to others with love, patience and humility.
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